Professional talent doesn’t have to cost 15% or more.

Outsource your recruiting and find the top 1% of talent at a fraction of the cost.

Have you ever hired a bad employee?

How much did that cost you in terms of a delayed project, poor implementation, onboarding, stress, severance, morale loss, etc…?

Hire smart and simple with data-driven hiring decisions.

Hire right the first time by choosing from three pre-vetted candidates out of the top 1%.

Our proprietary Performative Intelligence (PI) assessments give you objective metrics to predict the best candidate for the job.

Avoid wasting your valuable time screening applicants based on interviews and resumes. Research shows that interviews are not predictive of who will do a job effectively.

Transparent and affordable pricing

Full service recruitment outsourcing at just 10% first annual salary.
How does it work?

PerfectlyHired draws from our elite candidate database pool and maximizes the visibility of your job opening by posting on over 50 of the largest job boards.


We pre-screen applicants using rigorous logical reasoning, verbal, and executive ability tests, which are actually accurate in predicting workplace performance.


Our proprietary Performative Intelligence (PI) quotient provides you with a comprehensive granular and overall assessment of the three best candidates.


You receive recorded interviews and individualized test task results for each pre-vetted candidate including their salary expectations.


A free replacement hire for anyone you keep less than 90 days.


Whether you need to quickly assemble a team for a project or are looking to expand your operations, PerfectlyHired is the economical solution to staffing the team you need on a budget you can afford without spending time you don’t have interviewing and evaluating candidates.

Watch your productivity grow

Quality of Hire


Retention Rate


Cost per Hire


Time to Hire


Ideal for startups and scalable for rapid growth

We can service any industry, but excel in:



(including bioinformatics)




Executive Assistants

Technical roles

Uncover the best candidates with the most predictive assessments

All candidates go through our custom built Performative Intelligence (PI) assessments:

These testing instruments measure a candidate’s cognitive aptitude by challenging and measuring their learning, reasoning and verbal abilities, as well as working memory, attention span, executive function and speed.

Cognitive tests

Knowledge assessments that test the necessary knowledge required to get the job done.

Technical skills tests

We check for professional experience, previous employer feedback, criminal background and previous work samples to assess an applicant’s level of expertise and knowledge of best practices.

In-depth background checks

These challenges are projects that allow us to be 100% sure that a candidate will be effective at the job. For web developers, these include code challenges.

Technical project challenges

See which candidates are the best cultural fit for your company.

Personality questionnaires

We do one or more video interviews that assess communication skills, professionalism and verifies personality factors from our questionnaires.

Video interviews

Have burning questions you want to know about applicants? Add your custom questions and tests to match candidates to your unique needs.

Custom assessments

Why did I start PerfectlyHired?

Initially, I went to typical recruiters and tried out some candidates. But I was shocked to see that the candidates that I received were bad to mediocre.

The problem was these candidates weren't being vetted effectively for cognitive ability, personality, and skills.

There was some online softwares that promised to vet candidates, but these were ineffective, as they only weeded out the worst people.

I found myself hiring someone and realizing anywhere between 1-12 months later that they weren't skilled, or adaptive to new environments.

This was a life and death moment for the business, since every wrong person I hired and fired was extremely costly. Costly in terms of hiring, onboarding, branding/morale, severance, and delayed project costs.

I had 30 employees at the time, many of whom were hired through professional recruiters, but they weren't implementing my vision effectively. Some of the employees were good out of sheer luck, but the rest were mediocre to ineffective.

I would try out many people and keep the best ones I could find. This was very costly, but I didn't know how else I could determine who was good or not.

Recruiters didn't test for cognitive ability or skills. They did shallow background checks and called some previous employers, but this was not effective.

My business was not going to succeed with mediocre talent. So I spent the next 5 years putting applicants through a battery of cognitive tests to see which tests were actually predictive of workplace performance.

Over this time and after evaluating a myriad of cognitive tests on both good and bad employees, I started to see a pattern emerge of which tests were predictive and which weren't for a given role.

At this point, I fired everyone in my company within a 12 month period, and hired a completely new team.

With this new team, the first mission was to fix all the problems created by the previous team. We revamped the codebase, marketing, design, management, and the core services we offered.

The vision stayed exactly the same, but the implementation was wildly different.

The new team allowed us to turn the company around and not only succeed but also become resilient.

It turned out that the the right mix of ability and skills assessments were really effective at selecting for the best talent. I could predict with close to 100% certainty who would be the best candidate out of thousands of applicants, without wasting my time interviewing them.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, and I've always known that the key to success in my businesses is the talent. If you have a good team and a good idea, then it will succeed. However, if you don't have a good team, even good ideas can fail.

- Joe Cohen, Founder

I know that these assessments can help you hire the talent you have always dreamed of too.


Satisfied professionals and companies trust our process.

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“I was at a point where I either had to create a system to help me find the right candidates or my business was going to go down”

- Joe Cohen, Founder


- Joe Cohen, Founder

Hire the best the first time - for a fraction of the cost.

You shouldn't have to try someone out to see if they are good - you should be 100% confident you're getting the best.

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Frequently asked questions

What is PerfectlyHired?

PerfectlyHired is an economical full service recruitment solution that locates and assesses applicants so employers can hire the best talent for their business, quickly and painlessly.

How much does PerfectlyHired cost?

PerfectlyHired charges just 10% of the applicant’s starting annual salary. That’s half the industry standard, which starts at 15% and can go up to 25%!

  • We offer a full service recruitment outsourcing solution. All you have to do is talk with one of our recruiting consultants so we can draft a job description to post for you and we take care of the rest.
  • First, we boost the exposure of your open position on over 50 job boards to cast a wide net for potential applicants.
  • We then identify the best 1% of candidates for you using our proprietary Performative Intelligence (PI) assessments.
  • Out of this pre-vetted pool, we select the 3 most promising candidates for you to review and conduct recorded pre-interviews for you.
  • You hire the best person for the job and get back to business without ever breaking a sweat.

How does PerfectlyHired help me hire?

What makes PerfectlyHired’s assessments unique?

  • We screen candidates for aptitudes that are actually predictive of on-the-job performance.
  • To do this we developed our proprietary Performative Intelligence (PI) quotient that measures reasoning ability, executive function, technical skills (if relevant), personality questionnaires and more.
  • Unlike other assessments which only focus on skill sets and professional certifications, PerfectlyHired is a holistic assessment based on behavioral research into those qualities which actually predict performance capabilities.

Where does PerfectlyHired find candidates from?

PerfectlyHired maximizes exposure for the job description you provide us by posting on over 50 job boards + our pre-assessed candidate pool to find the best 1% of applicants for you to select from.

How long will it take me to hire someone using PerfectlyHired?

This can depend on the type of position you are looking to fill, but typically the entire process from job description to hiring takes 30 days or less.

What kind of candidates does PerfectlyHired specialize in?

  • Developers
  • IT
  • Scientists (including bioinformatics)
  • Writers
  • Marketers
  • Managers (Product, Project, General)
  • Executive & Virtual Assistants
  • Technical roles

How do I fill out an effective job post on PerfectlyHired?

Not to worry! We have a ready-made job description template for you to use with an option to customize if you so choose.

What kind of information does PerfectlyHired provide me about candidates?

  • We provide aggregate and category specific scoring for various metrics such as reasoning ability, executive function, technical skills (if relevant), personality questionnaires and more.
  • We conduct recorded pre-interviews and rank how expensive candidates are based on the combination of their scored value and salary expectations.
  • We perform an in-depth background check that includes professional experience, previous employer feedback, criminal background and previous work samples to assess an applicant’s level of expertise and knowledge of best practices.
  • We offer graded test tasks (if relevant) and the option to add your own customized assessment tests to the screening process.

What if I don’t like who I hired?

We have you covered! If you decide within the first 90 days that any hire is not working out we guarantee you a replacement that you will be thrilled with.